Digital Millennium Copyright Act (DMCA) is a copyright law in the United States that allows removing files by their owners if they discover they had been used or shared on the Internet without proper permission. If this is your case, take the following steps to file a complaint:

Find the URL of the offending file.


Note: this is not an existing file


Make sure that the file you want to remove does not have a permission to be available on that particular website.
If you want to successfully process a DMCA complaint, send an e-mail from a legitimate corporate domain owned by the offended party. Complaints from free web mail accounts won’t be considered.


Send the e-mail at: [email protected]


The subject of your email should be the following:
"DMCA-Your company's name"

(e.g. "DMCA-SONY")


Note that the URL of the offending file should be written in the very beginning of the content of your e-mail. Also, include the identification of your copyrighted work, Statement of authority, and location(s) of the Copyright Infringing material. We need this information to prove your ownership for the file that has been reported as copyrighted.


Therefore, once your e-mail is sent, the verification of the provided information will begin. After your ownership is proved, the offending file will be removed.